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What are teeth whitening pens?
Teeth whitening pens are thin tubes that contains a whitening gel within them for whitening the teeth and removing plaques. They improve the color of your teeth and are easy to carry around.
What do they contain?
The gel in teeth whitening pens contains peroxide as its main active ingredient. The carbamide peroxide contained within the pen can be broken down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, and hydrogen peroxide acts the major bleaching agents. Other ingredients that are contained include sodium hydroxide, glycerin, Carbopol, etc.
Why should you use teeth whitening pens?
The major reason why teeth whitening pens are better to use than any other whitener out there is the convenience they offer.  They are easy to carry about and that portability makes them the easiest way to solve tooth stain problems from wine, tea and cigarettes on the go. It also takes a short time (usually a few seconds) to apply the product on your teeth, even though it is advisable for you to leave it for up to an hour after application before eating anything to ensure your whitener solidifies on your teeth.
Another good advantage of the whitening pen is that it can work to whiten a specific tooth at a time if you want, unlike other whiteners where you have to whiten every single tooth.
Furthermore, teeth whitening pens are also inexpensive compared to whitening strips or tray. Even though it is not as effective as these other options, it is powerful enough to do the work.
How do you apply it?
For the teeth whitening pen to work well on your tooth, apply it to all the visible parts of your teeth, while using more emphasis on the parts with the heaviest stains.
Also, to prevent gum irritation, ensure you apply the whitener just below the gum line.
Allow the whitener about 30 seconds of air drying or dry them with a washcloth to allow them work more effectively. Also, do not rinse with water or allow contact with your lip or inner cheek during the time you are treating.
Is it really safe to use teeth whitening pens?
Teeth whitening pens have been in use for over two decades now. In that time, no adverse effects have been reported related to the use of the whiteners.
Like any other chemical though, teeth whitening pens should be kept out of the reach of pets and children and should be applied using the instructions written on the pack.
There were also many concerns that teeth whitening pens can cause cancer. This was birthed out of the fact that the whitening gels release molecules known as free radicals, which are thought to destroy cells’ DNA.
These concerns are nothing more than fears which are not based on scientific facts. This is because contact between your soft oral tissues and whitening gel is very minimal, and so it is not possible for the gel to cause much harm.
In conclusion…

While there are some disadvantages of the teeth whitening pen, it is a good tool for those who want to restore their teeth color on the go, without much load on them, financially or physically.